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With any online business you must have a product or service to sell. First you must generate this product or service & then you must be able to fill orders. Affiliate programs may be the easiest online business to start jogging. Why? Selling your own product or service also means generating a website, learning how to write ad copy, setting up a marketing plan, being able to accept payments online & obviously doing the work. If you are selling a physical product then you will want to make or buy the item, package it & pay for shipping costs.

If you provide a service than you will likely have to start by doing free jobs to build your credibility & then when you are charging for your service you are still limited by how much work you can actually handle. THE MAGIC OF AFFILIATE PROGRAMS Affiliate programs are a great way to get started in an online business. In fact there's even some 'Super Affiliates' who are making fabulous incomes from affiliate programs. So, what ARE affiliate programs? Affiliate programs permit you to sell another company's service or product & make a commission on every sale or lead. You do not even want to build a website or handle the transaction.

Your job is to drive traffic (customers) to your affiliate link. Some affiliate programs also have tiers. That means if someone who is interested in SELLING the product comes through your link & signs up you will also get a small percentage of THEIR earnings. An affiliate link is a special URL code that will identify customers coming to the company's site from your advertising.

It will likely be the website address with a code attached to the end. You can read many useful inspiration story and article at You should research the popularity of a quantity of your interests.

Try to determine if people are buying that product or service online. there's many sources for finding that information including free ones such as the Overture keyword tool. how do i CHOOSE A PROGRAM? When you've found an area that is popular then type the subject along with 'affiliate program' into your search engine & see which programs have services or products for that area. You can also use an affiliate program directory. When you've found a program that looks interesting you should read the terms of the program.

Make sure that payouts are not based on a high commission earning or you may never see your money. Also try to choose programs with high commission rates. Often you will find ebooks & downloadable application has the highest rates as there is no physical product to make or ship. If you are satisfied with the terms then you want to sign up - usually a simple process.

The reason affiliate programs are so great for beginners is that you only want to focus on marketing - not making - your product. START MARKETING Many affiliate programs have information on how to market & give you tools such as banners, product feeds & more. You can also look for other information on marketing including writing articles, generating pay-per-click campaigns, commenting in online forums etc. As you gain experience marketing you will make adjustments to your selling & start generating a wonderful income.

WAN MOHD HIRWANI WAN HUSSAIN is a writer and speaker who empowers people to create more fulfilling lives by discovering, developing and harnessing their many talents. You can read many useful inspiration story and article at
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Compact Cable Services

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