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GED Study Tips

The American Council on Education or ACE is a government organization, which offers GED. The GED or General Educational Development Tests allow people to prove what they know. It offers an opportunity to excel. GED Study Tips: The ACE goes across America every spring and offers the tests to high school students. 30% of them fail every year.

The following steps need to be kept in mind to ensure passing the GED test: Taking Notes: Taking notes seems boring to many but is highly effective. 1) Jot down the points as you go through the material on your own or during the GED classroom sessions. 2) The more notes you take, the sooner you recognize the key information and main points. 3) The next part of taking notes is compiling and organizing them. Do it immediately after documenting the matter. Put them in order and highlight, underline the information that is important.

4) Go through the notes for a second time. Make a list of all the important key words. Note down the problems you have. Make another list of the information that you think you have really learned. Now go through the flash cards again, and you will see that the problems, which you were having, get clearer.

Online course: You can practice but not take the GED exam online. Online courses prepare you well for GED. Classroom-based course: You can join a local adult school for classroom-based courses. By attending the classroom courses you get first hand knowledge. Flash cards: Write a maximum of 2 sentences on each card. Include tables, graphs and charts for easy understanding.

Organize the cards as per the subjects. Flash cards are an easy way to learn something new and to quickly go through the old material. If you are a visual learner, it is good to repeatedly go through them. Create or find a suitable study group: All the group members should keep in mind the group goal.

Many groups often fail to maintain a balance between work and play. Everyone is expected to work hard. Make sure that your group has the same level of learning as you. It might be frustrating for you if you have to keep slowing your pace down for others.

Take a sample test: There are many types of tests available for practice. You can find them in the library, online or at a bookstore. Pick any two-practice tests. If you pass significantly in a particular area on both the GED practice tests, you are knowledgeable in that area.

Thus, chances of passing that section on the real GED increase. This allows you to concentrate on the more difficult areas. You get a feel of stress and time management. It shows you the areas that you need to work on. Taking the mock test is the best experience. Reference books are available all over, they are: 1.

McGraw-Hill's GED 2. Complete GED Preparation, Steck-Vaughn The books printed prior to 2002 are not in circulation or available.

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